So, I'm feeling really uninspired right now. I'm looking forward to the fashion weeks ahead , just so that I can obsess over Style.com and actually have something to write about... I'm also finding it SO immensely difficult to secure myself an internship at a magazine over the summer... I have 3 months to give, I have e-mailed magazines I don't even read, several times over, and applied to some in writing also, but nothing! I know this industry in competitive but geez =/ I just want a placement so bad! I know a lot of people who seem to have gotten PR internships fairly hassle free, so maybe I'll do that this summer if nothing else comes up. I check related threads on The Fashion Spot religiously, but most of them relate to New York-ers, as do the wesbites that advertise internships... does anyone know where I can find advertised internships in London? I'm yet to discover this source. Sorry for the dull post, but I need advice! And uni has been shut alllll week due to the snow, and I'm just so immensely bored of not having anything to do/look forward to... Promise to post something interesting in the next few days :) I'm working on it.

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