To Keep or Not To Keep

So while re-browsing through the Dior Couture images on Style.com - a favourite past-time - I spotted this image.

So I now know where the Topshop design team got their 'inspiration'. I finally got my shoes! (Accidentally had them sent home instead of to my halls... oops!) And after my dad and step-mum very kindly snooped and opened my parcel, my dad straight away said 'So can you take them back to the shop then?'... haha... apparently he knows me and knows I'll never wear them. Okay. He's probably right. I'm going to test them out with more outfits to test their wearability, but I'm so unsure. I've already started pondering what to buy with my refund money.

No Flash

Flash - Pasty legs... thanks camera. I obviously prefere Galliano's original take. The straps are much more flattering. I find the front middle strap a bit too chunky, but on Topshop.com there was only a side view of the shoes...

Opinions please?!


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  1. Always keep shoes, unless you have another pair you love and will wear daily that you plan to buy. You will regret sending them back.


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