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Despite the fact that it is NEVER warm in Britain over the summer - unless I'm out of the country - I have been thinking a lot about next season and what I should invest in (high street versions of course) trend/colour wise. It's also a nice distraction from how FREEZING it is right now. I should be thinking about a new coat to invest in, but Spring/Summer is much more fun to look at.

So Luella is feeding my new obsession with all things insanely girly - think lilac/pink/orange/florals. Here is one of my favourite outfits from the show:

How cute are the shoes?! Orange also seems to be the colour to invest in. However, anyone seeing a bit of Chanel here?? There were a few outifits similar to this... I prefer the first part of the collection personally.

Oh yes, I am biased when it come to the wonderful Galliano, but how adorable is this hat? Completely unpractical (or inpractical? hmm) but I love it, and as always he wows me with his colour pallettes, chic coats and floaty florals. This outfit is from his John Galliano collection. It was very hard to pick a favourite but this hat just completes it for me.

Yes, more orange, but this floaty little number caught my eye, and if I had Jourdan's figure I would be wearing it all summer long. If Ilived in the south of France. Also a Galliano creation, this time for Dior.

At Lanvin, Alber Elbaz plays with volume whilst still keeping the collection elegant. The colours are more wintery, but when you live in the UK I guess it makes no difference anyway. I personally love this dress. The whole collection makes me wish I had the need to wear an evening dress every night of the week, inspiring the 'power-woman' in me.

Balmain have stunned once again with a collection of gorgeous dresses, and extremely lust-worthy jackets. Though the dresses are made for the skinny kind, it's not like I can afford them anyway so I'm allowed to dream, and share the dreaminess with you.

Zac Posen seemed to have a very glamazon theme, and reminded me a lot of Cavalli and Dolce & Gabanna - particularly with the floaty leopard print peices. Underwear as outwerwear will always win me over, especially when it's pastel pink and teamed with a blazer.

So basically, until I have the high earnings I dream of, this blog is purely going to be based on me fantasising about fantastic fashion (hence the name). So while were on the topic of Cavalli, why not throw this STUNNING dress into the post?

Would love to hear of everyone elses favourite S/S '09 moments or opinions on my opinions...

Thank you for visiting!

PS. Will try to keep the blogging more regular, but I kinda feel bad sitting on here for hours when my boyfriend's come down to see me! Oops.

All images from Style.com - If you haven't already been on this site I HIGHLY recommend it if you're the slightest bit interested in fashion, which if you've gotten this far I'm guessing you are!

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