The Art of Beauty

If you ever feel like your make-up routine is a bit mundane, then don't look at the following pictures.
Every now and then I like to admire the craft put into these looks, and kind of consider experimenting, then I think, 'Hmm I'll get laughed out of my lectures if i waltz in with feathers hanging off my eyelashes'. They're such beautiful works of art though! Like the face is a canvas and the make-up artist is wondering 'What can I create this time?'
It just encourages me to hang around the Boots make-up department - putting all sorts of wonderful colours on the back of my hand - probably resulting in me buying some wacky make-up from Barry M that I'll never dare to wear.
And ohh if only prolonged use of fake eyelashes didn't ruin my real lashes so much...
Here are some pictures for inspiration...
For more, go on Style.com and check out the Details/Backstage sections of your favourite designer's catwalk shows. A lot of the images featured are Dior/John Galliano and a bit of Viktor & Rolf.

All images: Style.com

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