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Brandon Flowers

Men’s style is not my forte - I am happy to admit that - but Brandon’s style is hard not to acknowledge. He is daring and experimental in the ways I aspire to be with his choice of clothing, and he hasn’t gone unrecognised in the fashion industry. At this year’s GQ Men of the Year awards he was crowned the Most Stylish Man, and it was well deserved. Whether it’s dressing head to toe in gold sequins whilst headlining Glastonbury, or experimenting with eyeliner and facial hair, he’s always trying new things to make his appearances all the more interesting. When asked where his style comes from, he credits growing up with four sisters and cites Elton John and David Bowie as inspirations. With each new album comes a new signature look for Brandon. For Hot Fuss there was an indie theme mixed with 80’s inspiration. Then there was Sam’s Town, where we saw sequins, moustaches and tuxedos; channelling the ringmaster look. With a new album on the way, we can only look forward to finding out what Brandon’s reinvention will look like this time.

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