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So the next four Style Icons blogs were for a uni assignment. We had to write 5 blogs, all related in some way for a specific online paper. I chose the NY Times, as the Telegraph and The Sun (the other 2 choices) didn't seem to suit what I wanted to do. My fifth was a half hearted last minute thing that I don't care too much for about Chloe Sevigny. We had to pick one of these to get marked. Rachel Bilson was my favourite but then I realised at 12 o'clock the night before deadline that the word count was 150-200 words, not 250... and this one was way over.


Rachel Bilson
More and more people are growing to appreciate the ex-OC star’s style; as opposed to her former co-star Mischa Barton, who was previously The OC’s number one column filler. She has the kind of style that girls and women of all ages want to document, tearing the pictures out of magazines and using them for everyday inspiration. She knows what suits her and - while she plays it safe compared to many other fashionistas – she still always manages to look interesting, securing her place on the best dressed list every time. Best known for her love of vintage, denim, scarves, dresses, Chanel and heels (being petite allows for this to be a regularity), she always manages to look feminine – even when working the blazer. She knows what shapes complement her figure, and what trends she can get away with - something that so many people get so wrong. My biggest envy is how she manages to achieve all this and still look so effortless.

Lucky teen fans of Rachel will be happy to hear that she is about to launch a line of clothing with DKNY Jeans. She named the collection ‘Edie Rose’ so that people who see it in store will buy it because they covet it; not because it has Rachel Bilson emblazoned on the tag. The collection is inspired by her dream closet, and I know plenty of people who dream of having her closet.

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