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Blair Waldorf

I know she’s a fictional character, but the Gossip Girl character’s style cannot go unnoticed, and it hasn’t. Her role as the high-society queen bee from the upper-east side allows for a fantastic allowance, and with her mother being Eleanor Waldorf, the fictional fashion designer, she’s bound to have chic in her blood. She is most notable for her prim meets preppy wardrobe, brightening up her school uniform with coloured tights, headbands and coats. She never has an off day as far as fashion is concerned, and she is never spotted in trousers, just dresses and skirts, along with neck-scarves, capes, statement bags and cute shoes to complement the outfits. It’s a nice alternative to her more ‘boho’ best friend, Serena Van Der Woodsen, who seems to channel the overused Sienna Miller/Kate Moss look.

Blair’s style is refreshing and inspires me to dress up more every day, instead of just relying on jeans and a cardigan. Even her hair is always immaculate, whether blow dried to perfection or in beautifully neat curls, one thing you’ll never see is Blair Waldorf sporting a greasy ponytail. Attention to details such as her pyjamas have also been made, and makes women envy the perfect state she wakes up in. As the series goes on I’m sure there will be more inspiration from Blair’s closet for female viewers all over; Compliments to the Gossip Girl stylist.

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