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Kate Bosworth
Kate is someone who I feel is a less obvious style icon, less cliché (e.g. the Olsens, Moss, Miller etc.), but when I do see pictures of her I am always pleased with what I see. She works trends without being an obsessive trend follower, she does daring without being a fashion victim, and she does demure without looking twenty years her senior. She is another one of those ‘I can wear a blazer and still look cute’ women. I imagine she could still look fantastic in a bin bag with a shaved head. Her slim frame means high fashion clothes are just meant for her, and she utilizes that strength to her best abilities; So much so that this year she was signed to front both Calvin Klein and Coach’s Spring/Summer campaigns. This is fitting, as she has a habit of making clothes desirable and ‘must have’ to all of her admirers. It also seems that the Proenza Schouler duo have a good relationship with Kate – she is often spotted working their designs at various events. Kate is definitely an icon whose style I’m going to start paying a lot more attention to.

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