So Here It Goes..

First post! I'm not expecting anyone to read this really except friends, but never mind.. After trawling through other blogs and sites looking for inspiration, I just feel the need for a little rant about how bored I am of Agyness Deyn. Dangerous territory for a first time blogger, I know, as she still holds many die hard fans. But no matter how 'original', 'inventive', 'diverse', 'BRITISH' people think she is, I'm just plain bored of her, and don't find her all too exciting. For me, she doesn't hold supermodel potential, as I know I am not the only one getting sick of seeing her, so perhaps her career may be short lived. But who's isn't these days? We're all constantly wanting newnewnew! I'm not ashamed to admit it. New is exciting, after all. But there are plenty of models - and celebrities - out there that I am not bored of and actually more fascinated by... As if I never want them to grow old and retire and fade away from the public eye... But more on those people another time. I just thought I should fill some space for now. I have so many things I could write about but I think 20 posts in my first day - having a readership of about 3 people - would be wasted. Thank you for taking the time visit! x

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